Skiing/Snowboarding Trip at Lake Tahoe

I had worked during the Thanksgiving holidays, as I don't like to travel when everybody else travels and had asked my boss if I could swap out the days off another time. So I took them out this past week and went to Tahoe from Thursday to Sunday. Had to make use of the season pass I bought for heavenly ski resort. I think that by now I have paid off the price of the season pass already from the number of times I have already gone. Each lift ticket per day at heavenly cost $84. Season pass was the best way to go.

I had bought my skis from craigslist this time and did not have to rent skis. But I also wanted to snowboard and before going, I went to Sports basement on Wednesday night and got a snowboard and boots. All their gear was brand new and the boots even had silica gel still in them. Sports basement has this awesome deal of $30 for 2-3 days (supposedly weekend), but they allow me to pick it up on Wednesday night and drop it on Monday evening. Can't be more awesome and cheaper than that.

One thought on “Skiing/Snowboarding Trip at Lake Tahoe

  1. sounds like a good time! I know the sticker shock on lift ticket prices just keeps getting worse, when I was in Tahoe a few years ago I think it was $77 for a ticket. Season pass is def the way to go if you live nearby.

    But wow, $30 for a 3-day rental for snowboard equipment? That’s an amazing price!

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