Christmas Party & dinner at my place and gift exchange.

Christmas day – I decided to invite a few friendsover for dinner at my place. While a lot of people were out or had other xmas dinner plans, there were still quite a few friends who were able to make it and we had the most wonderful time. Initially I was thinking to do a potluck, but then I decided to cook it all and feed them and rather ask each of them to bring in the drinks and deserts. We started off with chinese dumplings. Chopsticks were pretty handy to eat the communal dumplings. After dumplings, I had a freshly baked quiche with spinach. Following the appetizers, we went on the salad course – we had a nice red leaf lettuce salad made by Kendra. The main courses consisted of Roast Beef and Scalloped potatoes in parmesan and butter made by my housemate and I had cooked Basmati rice with peas and carrots, massaman thai chicken curry with dried peanuts, vegetarian thai red curry and stir fried chayotte. Then the desert course consisted of Upside down pineapple cake cooked by both Priscille and Deepti, Brownies by Brian and Chocolate bark by Deepti again,

After dinner, we had a white elephant gift exchange. It was real fun. We all had brought in a gift that were waiting under the Christmas tree. We took in numbers which determined the order which we picked an unopened gifts. We had a great nice variety of gifts, but I think the best gift though is the one Deepti brought – a yodelling pickle !!! That brought some good laughs 🙂 Then we played lots of nice fun games – lies and truths… Had a great time in the great company of my great friends !

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