Castello di Amorosa, Winery tour in Calistoga, Napa Valley

I was at home working today, when I got a phone call from Cristina. She had the car of a friend and wanted to go on a road trip to Napa Valley and asked me to join her. I had never been to Napa even though I have been in the bay area for 5 years. I readily jumped on the opportunity to do this ad-hoc trip to Napa valley.

We went to the Castello di Amorosa winery which was further up in Calistoga – a replica of a medieval castle from Europe. It was great for pictures and the lighting was just perfect. The castle is an exact replica of its european counterpart castle with dungeon, torture chamber, chapel, drawbridge, towers, moat and all… it even had farm animals roaming about.. sheep, chicken etc..  But it's just the backdrop for one of Napa Valley wineries. We visited the castle, took lots of pictures and did some wine tasting.

We then went to Robert Mondavi wine estates for another round of tasting, but after Castello di Amorosa, the scenery and backdrop of the other wineries were just blah !

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