South Africa Trip (February 2009)

It's been about 1 year already since my South Africa trip and I realized I never posted the pictures from that trip. Better late than never 🙂

The trip was at the beginning of  February 2009. Route was Mauritius – Johannesburg – Cape Town – London – San Francisco. I was in Johannesburg for only 1 day and in Cape Town for 3 days.

In Johannesburg, one of my high school friend, Dolesh Dosoruth, who now works in the Mauritian Embassy in South Africa came to pick me up at the airport. We spent the night in Johannesburg with some Mauritian diplomats and businessmen who were on a mission there. Did not do anything too eventful in Johannesburg as it's not the safest place on the planet :0

Next day caught a fly early morning to Cape Town. There, an elementary school friend, Nakkiran Sunnassee came to welcome me at the airport. I stayed at his place for the few days I'd be in Cape Town. He lives there with his girlfriend, Michele in Gordon's Bay, a beachy touristy part of Cape Town, South West of the city Center. Their condo is found in a marina, their balcony faces the water directly with boat access. Pretty neat views and sea breeze !

Nakkiran had to work during the week I was there. Michele was my tourist guide during the day. We went to do some sight seeing around the Cape Town downtown, Table Mountain, sugarloaf mountain and on the last day, we went to wine country (Stellenbosch, I think), where we had some South African Wine Tasting and at night, a nice outdoors dinner at the Wine Estate. It was a very interesting dinner menu with lots of Game Meat – Antelope, SpringBok etc.. all fresh from the day's hunting. Anyways, Was a short trip and got to have a nice little preview of Cape Town. Cape Town had the same feel as San Francisco in many ways.

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