Tijuana, Mexico

 I had booked a rental car to come down to Los Angeles and thinking that my visa might take a week or so to process, had booked the car till Saturday, but visa was processed in only 2 days and I had the choice to either come back to San Francisco or stay around and explore Southern California. First day I drove down to Ocean Beach, which is technically a suburb of San Diego I think. It was a very nice quiet little beach town with lots of hippies, artists and great waves on the beach. Spent one night there and really enjoyed the chill atmosphere. Next day, I decided to drive further south and go to Tijuana, Mexico and have dinner there. I parked on the US border and walked the bridge over to Mexico. Mexico has an open gate where anyone can just walk through without any immigration. It's only when one comes back to America that they need to do immigration.

Tijuana is a very interesting city. As most border cities, there is a lot of activity, shopping, people, crime etc.. I did not at any time feel unsafe though. From all the reviews I read, it made me initially scared to be going there alone, but the people were actually very nice. Maybe I just look Mexican and they did not bother 🙂 I did get to speak some Spanish and it was nice being able to practice some of the things I've been learning. I spent only some 3-4 hours down there. Did not do much. Just browsed around, had some street food and got a piercing. Who can beat $1 (12 pesos) tacos with all the sides and toppings u want, 10 pesos Freshly made churros, all that while listening to some local bands playing Mexican music on the street. I had a good time and will go back sometimes and explore more !

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