Mauritian Independence Day Potluck Lunch for Mauritians in the Bay Area !

March 12th 2010 is the Mauritian Independance Day Anniversary (42nd Anniversary). We celebrated it in the Bay Area today with a pot luck lunch and gathering of all the Mauritians of the Bay Area.

We had some 40 Mauritians from all over the Bay Area – San Francisco, San Jose, Hayward, Fremont, Sunnyvale etc.. Always great as usual to meet up with all the good friends and share good foods and laughter. This time, we had some pretty good Mauritian Food – Anju and Mrs Rajkoomar had bothed cooked Vegetarian Briani !! That was so delicious and one of the most popular dishes in Mauritius. It's a major pain to prepare due to the extensive preparation stage. It was great to have some of that hard work they put into making it.

We also had the usual Gato Arouille (Grated Taro Cakes) and Achard Legumes from Yvette, Gato Piment from Aruna and multitude of cakes/deserts and other food by everybody else. Had a very wonderful time in good company and this time we had 3 new families that joined the party for the first time ! We finished off by singing the Mauritian National Anthem. Here are some pics of the delicious food and company that we had 🙂

One thought on “Mauritian Independence Day Potluck Lunch for Mauritians in the Bay Area !

  1. Amazing. I didn’t know there were so many Mauritians in the Bay area. There are similar events in Toronto. It’s great to hear how connected Mauritians are even though we are in different countries around the world. I am attempting to connect Mauritians around the world through my journey and the common medium of sports.

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