Ole Miss – My Alma Matter

I visited Ole Miss (University of Mississippi), my Alma Matter, while travelling south and enjoyed visiting the beautiful campus and remembering the good times I have had there. 

Many people ask me why did I choose Mississippi out of everywhere else in the US when I came for my studies. Well, I did not know better at that time. I did not know East, West, North and Southern parts of the US were all so different. In fact, I picked the Peterson's college guide, picked only one school and sent only one application and that was to University of Mississippi. I manage to somehow get a scholarship and thus had begun my 5 year Mississippi adventure. If I had to re-do it, not sure if I'd re-do the same choice, but I did love my time at Ole Miss and all the great people I've met and great adventures I've had.

Many things have remained the same on campus, same building names, even some of the same people working in some places, same watching sorority girls walking in their short shorts all over campus even though it's cold, but many things have changed too – a few coffee shops on campus itself (we had none in my days), Bus service in Oxford (we had no means of public transportation at all) and more buildings being built on campus. Even though it's still a bit of winter and flowers are yet to bloom and grass yet to be green-ed, the campus was beautiful and active as ever !

I went to visit my old department – School of Computer Science and it was great to bump into my graduate school advisor Dr.Maginnis and catch up with him. Another day, while at a coffee shop, another teacher bumped into me and I even met some friends who are still in Oxford from the good old days, at random.

I enjoyed the short visit there and remembering the good old days and friends !

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