Trinidadian Food

They have a very big Caribbean community in the South Florida region. For lunch, I had Trinidadian food and it is the closest to Mauritian food I've ever had in the US (Dal Puri (exactly same as in Mauritius) & Curry) and the people eating there looked so much like Mauritians (face-wise)., like lost cousins whose ancestors took the other boats rather than the boats to Mauritius 🙂

The dal puri tasted the same as in Mauritius, but rather than single rotis, they make a huge roti and wrap the curry and all inside it.

Also, I had a Carrib Shandy, which is a mixture of beer and some fruit soda. It's not a speciality made drink as in most bars, but just sold in bottles like regular beers. It was delicious and enjoyed it with my goat curry and dal puri !

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