Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

After spending one week in Bogota, I flew to Cartagena de Indias in the North of Bogota, which faces  the Caribbean sea. 

Cartagena is one the most visited cities in Colombia, due to it's preserved colonial architecture and fortresses dating from the old days. A major part of the city, "the ciudad amurallada" is in fact walled by huge fortresses made of solid coralstone. The fortress, complete with watch towers, cannons, observation points to the ocean encloses the city and was used in the spanish colonial times to protect the city. It has been deemed a protected site by the UNESCO. I loved the colonial architecture of the city and all the history behind the city.

While it's a very beautiful city, it's also a very very HOT city. The city is like a sauna – the temperature is usually very high and there's not much wind/breeze. Because of this, at nights till late, most people stay outside of their houses, on the street, just chilling out with their families, talking, dancing, doing homework etc.. the usual things we usually do indoors, but outdoors. 

I did no spend much time in Cartagena – only a couple of days. Spent one day roaming around the city taking pictures and then spent another day in a tour to go to a Volcano – Volcan de Totumo which is north of Cartagena.

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