Volcan de Totumo, Colombia

North of Cartagena de Indias, there is a 15m high Clay Volcano – The Volcan de Totumo – Yes, the volcano spits out mud/clay from witrather than lava.

We can climb to the top of the volcano and then immerse in the crater in the warm clay. It's supposed to be good for skin 🙂

We got to the volcano and changed into our swimming trunks and climbed up the little baby volcano and one by one, all of the persons in our tour bus got in the volcano and they have the volcano staff who rub the mud on you and give you a massage and then let you float off. It was such a weird feeling to be floating on 15m metres of mud and yet no sinking. The mud is very buoyant and keeps our body up. So the staff were just making us float or stand up whichever was our turn in the process. They also had staff which we gave our camera to, and they took pictures of us while we were immersed in the mud.

After the mud immersion, we got off and walked to a nearby lake, where they had the local village women help bath off  the mud off our body by pouring water on us from the lake.

Very unique experience indeed to get in that mud. I did feel very fresh afterwards 🙂

For each of the services, cameramen, massagemen, bathwomen, we had to tip them 3000 COP (USD 1.5) and the fee to enter the volcano was 2000 COP (USD 1).

After the volcano, we went to a beach where we enjoyed the caribbean sea and had a good lunch of freshly caught fish !

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