Taganga, a small fishing village in the North of Colombia

Taganga is a small fishing village about 4 hours by bus from Cartagena. It has become a major backpacking and diving destination. Taganga being very small, there is not much to do – there are a couple of clubs/bar, a few restaurants, a few dive schools and the beach. So whether you want it or not, you’re forced to chill and relax it out 🙂

There are many hostels, backpackers and a dive school/shop basically at every other block, but it’s still a fishing village and fishing is the sustainance means of many local people who live in Taganga.

Being a fishing village, seafood was excellent and always fresh. There are many restaurants by the beach, where they showcase you the numerous fish caught on that day, you pick your fish and they cook it the way you want it and the prices start from 8000 COP (US $4)to 16000 COP (US $8) for an entire fresh fish, fried plantains, rice and salad. Had some good fish everyday while in Taganga.

When I got to Taganga, I wanted to stay the Casa de Felipe, a french run hostel, but I went there and it was all full. So I instead went to Bayview hostel which was not too bad and had air conditioned dorm rooms, a swimming pool, a bar and good facilities. 

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