Cuzco, Peru

Cuzco used to be the capital of the Inca Kindgom. Today, it’s the starting point to go see Machu Pichu and many of the surrounding Inca ruins. The city is packed with old Quechuan architecture and Colonial Spanish architecture mixed with Incan walls and structures.

I came to Cuzco a couple of days before the start of the Inka trail to Machu Pichu to acclimate myself to the high altitude and getting my body used to it. Unlike most of the cities I had been to, Cusco was the city with the most tourists ever. 

One of the famous touristic dishes (very traditional too.. it’s eaten on special occassions by the locals) is Cuy – Guinea Pig. It’s usually baked and served in it’s entirety – head, tail, legs etc… I did not try it. I heard it’s mostly bones and not much meat. They also eat Alpcaca meat after the alpacas are harvested for their wool. Another typical thing is the ChiCha beer – it’s beer made of corn. I was talking to a local person about how it’s made and he was telling me that it’s still made in traditional fashion – people bite off corn with their teeth and that makes the corn ferment and produce the beer. It’s not produced in commercial fashion. Only in traditional artisanal way.

In the hostal I stayed in Cuzco, they had a pet Iguana… Nice touch for the hostal – Hostal Royal Frankenstein !


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