Camera that I am using during my travels – Cannon Powershot SD780

A few people have asked me what camera am I using during my trip and if I was using an SLR camera. No, I am using a simple cannon point and shoot – Cannon Powershot SD780 IS Digital Elph. While the camera is tiny (which is great while travelling), the pictures it takes are really awesome. Cannon is the best in quality of pictures. Even though the features and options are not the best, the quality of the pictures are ! It’s a 12.1 megapixel camera, but I take all my pictures at 5M only to conserve space.

I also have a eye-fi SD card, which helps in transfering pictures quickly on my computer and internet. The eye-fi cards automatically connects to wifi networks, without me having to do anything or remove the card from the camera when it comes in touch with a known wifi network and uploads my pictures directly from my card to the internet. Pretty neat technology ! Love it.

I also have another camera – the Olympus Tough 6000 as a backup camera. I had initially bought that camera before the Cannon, due to it’s tough-ness, water-proof, shock proof, weather proof etc.. but all these proofs made the picture quality pretty bad. While it’s a strong camera, the pictures are poor and the processor is slow. Was too late to return it. So, I got stuck with it. I use it as a backup camera and also to take panoramas, as it does in camera stitching for panoramas. That’s the best feature I like about the tough.

I had bought that Cannon Camera during the 2009 Black Friday Thanksgiving sales for about $160 I think which was a pretty good deal at that time, but I just checked online and about $160 is the current retail price in online stores. I bet Cannon has a newer better version of this same camera, hence drop in price.

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