Geysers, Hot Springs and Laguna Blanca (Salar de Uyuni Tour – Part 3)

3rd day and last of the Salar de Uyuni your, we had to get up very very early, 3:30a.m – 4:00a.m I think. We reluctantly woke up in the very cold morning, had a very cold fash wash and toothbrush and headed off to see natural gysers, dip into hot springs and see the Laguna Blanca before heading back to Uyuni.

The geysers were very sulphuric and extremely hot and it was amazing to see amidst all this heat and pressure, there will still patches of snow and ice all over the place. After the geysers, we went to a natural hot springs to dip in before breakfast. Was a tough decision to decide whether to undress in this cold.. I finally decided for and it was a very very good decision until it was time to come out of the hot springs! It was freezing cold at above 5000 metres and froze myself up while trying to dry myself up and dress up. But a good hot chololate and pancakes for breakfast made up for the cold.

After the hot springs, we went to see the Laguna Blanca, which as the name suggests, is a white lake.. the extreme concentration of salt makes it white. We checked that out, followed by many Landscapes that Salvador Dali used as inspiration for his paintings. The rest of the day was mostly driving and driving to get back to Uyuni, our starting point.

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