Cholitas Wrestling (Lucha Libre), La Paz, Bolivia

Cholita Wrestling is very famous and popular event in Bolivia. The modern day use of the name Chola and Cholita in Bolivia applies to women dressed in traditional clothing which includes a massive skirt with petticoats, a blouse and shawl or blanket all topped off with a bowler hat. Usually you won’t expect these traditional women to be wrestling with each other and/or with men, but that’s what Cholita Wrestling is about.

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They have special seats and tickets for tourists in the front seats, but it’s very popular with locals too and the stadium was very packed. It happens every Sunday in El Alto and is WILD !! Same as WWF wrestling, most of it seem pre-staged, but entertaining nonetheless. Difference is that the crowd throws stuff at the wrestlers – orange peels, empty bottles, chicken bones, fruits, popcorn, etc..But, the crowd also takes a hit. The wrestlers don’t hesitate to come at the crowd, throw stuff at the crowd, water, coke, popcorn, whatever they can get their hands on or just forcefully take the crowd’s stuff – water/drinks etc… I got a good throw of coke on me while there and stayed sticky the entire time.

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