Food of Bolivia

Food in Bolivia is usually served in huge huge portions. I thought only the US had these mega king size portions, but South America follows very closely with portion sizes. Much of the food is meat based and the few different meats they eat are llamma and alpaca meat after they harvest the wool for some 5 times, Cuy (Guinea Pig), Lechon (suckling pig) and then the regular meats. As in Peru, Bolivians like to eat hot food and anywhere, the salsa de Aji would always be on the dinner table. The food is decent but it’s was my favorite food in the world. After a few days eating that, I really did not want to see another huge plate of meat anymore. In fact, while in Bolivia, I ate lots of Indian and Chinese food.. as they had a couple of these places in LaPaz.. sometimes eating familiar food rather than new exotic foods is nice and comforting and simple.


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