La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz, the capital Bolivia is the highest capital in the whole world with altitudes ranging anywhere from 3100 metres (10170 feet) to 4058 metres (13,313 feet). The city is not spectacular in itself, but like any big city, it has many people and this has many things to do and very terrible traffic. One of the differences from any major city I’ve seen though is the extreme of ethnic traditional people and the stereotype metro city moden inhabitant. Everyone lives in harmony, traditional dresses intermingled with modern dresses. It has to be the cheapest city I’ve been so far in my South America trip. In fact, I got a hotel room – yes a hotel room with own bathroom & tv and breakfast – not a hostel dorm bed – for $9 a night. 

Also, while in LaPaz, I decided to take some Spanish clases and went to the SpeakEasy Institute and got 15 hours of Spanish classes – 1:1 with a teacher and it was great to have somebody to speak with who’ll correct me and guide me in the right direction, as I found out, I do understand most of what they say in Spanish (due to it’s similarity to French) but just have no practice at all. We acted many scenarios and just spoke in Spanish and it was pretty good.


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