Sand Surfing on the Sand Dunes of Huacachina, Ica, Peru

One of the main attractions of Huacachina is Sand Surfing the vast Sand Dunes available out there. Unlike snowboarding/skiing, where there are lifts to go up the slopes, here, we go up the slopes in Sand Buggies and it’s such an awesome ride on it’s own riding in the sand buggies on the dunes. Once we got up the slopes, they handed us our boards and wax (just regular candle broken into pieces). We have to rub it well on our board if we want it to slide. Once the wax is gone, the board kind of sinks in the sand. The entire trip was only $12. So much worth it !! If you just want to board on your own and climb up the dunes, you can rent a board and wax for some $2. Cheap Thrill !

Check out the two videos –


Video 1 : The first one is me going belly down on the board on one of the slopes. That’s the alternative way to go down if you don’t want to do it on your feet like a snowboard. First rides are always more easy like that 🙂

(11709 KB)
Watch on posterous


Video 2 : The second video is one of us in the sand buggy… pretty rough ride !!

(6596 KB)
Watch on posterous

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