Maddogs of Diego – Mauritian Theatre at the San Francisco Fringe Festival !

It’s very very rare or rather never, that we get to have Mauritians perform in San Francisco. We were lucky this year that the Trup Sapsiway got to come to San Francisco to perform their piece – the Maddogs of Diego.

Maddogs of Diego is a play about the injustice the inhabitant of the Diego Garcia faced, about how Diego Garcia was traded in to the British for the Independance of Mauritius. It was an excellent play, with very good tempo, great actors and a little bit of everything, comedy, drama, tragedy.. Loved the performance !

Today, tickets to the show was sold out. Many of the Mauritians in the Bay Area drove from all around to come and attend the play. We took the theatre troupe out to eat and socialize a bit with us after the play. 

The theatre troupe is staying in a hotel only 2 blocks from me. So last week, I had invited them over for dinner and cooked some ethnic Japanese dishes for them and the day after, took them for a Mission Murals Art walk and to discover some real Mexican food in the mission !